Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fishing 7/25/09

I got up at 4:00 a.m. and drove the hour to my favorite spot for trout fishing and found that I wasn't the only early bird. The morning was actually comfortable temp wise so I was hoping for a decent day of fishing.

After getting my rod and reel put together I decided to start off with a size 12 red San Juan worm I had purchased from It had a gold bead sex ring on it that I thought added a great touch of realism and flash to it. After fishing it for about 30 minutes with no takes, I decided to go dry. The dry fly, a parachute adams, didn't produce a hit so I decided to go back deep with a size 18 midge. Again, no luck. I wound up trying 5 different flies and only one produced a fish.

After almost 2 1/2 hours I went to a brown size 10 tan San Juan worm and finally hooked up. I had forgotten my net at home so as I was bringing him in to release him the rainbow finally threw the hook at my thigh. He was at least 12 inches long but what really surprised me was just how fat he was. This guy had a big thick back on him and appeared to have been eating well.

Fishing for 5 hours, and only catching one fish, I decided to head to the fly shop. I'd been looking for some warm water wading shoes and Brandon, at Riverside Fly Shop, had the Korkers Torrent shoes on clearance for $55 (normally a $100 shoe). These things are great! In fact, I highly recommend Korkers boots as they have the interchangeable soles. Their construction is superb and they wear like normal hiking boots and shoes.

No photos today as I forgot, along with my net, my memory card for my camera (Nikon D200). Finally, I'll admit that I made a mistake, slipped, and "cooled" myself down a little. Fortunately I had tightened by wader belt or I would have filled them up big time. Let me tell you, that 53 degree will take your breath away at 8:00 in the morning! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some friends and I got together a week ago for some warm water fishing and camping. While the fishing wasn't the greatest the menu sure was!! We had grilled elk steaks, smoked trout, grilled trout, baked beans, baked potato, and red velvet cake!

Here are a few photos from the adventure.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While not a trout, I finally received my 6x6 bull elk mount from the taxidermist today! This is my first ever elk and I took him in Colorado last Oct 13th! He isn't the biggest trophy but he is MY trophy and I'm quite proud of him.