Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sipsey Fishing, Mar 7th.

Got out for a little while this past Sunday on the Sipsey. The first time fishing since my last posting. Myself and a couple of friends decided to try a different part of the river for a change. I wound up pretty lucky as I caught 8 fish using a mid-size (probably a size 12) flashy green wooly bugger in about a 2 - 2 1/2 hour period. My buddies weren't having as much luck despite fishing pretty much the same thing I was using.

I called them down to take over my area since I had to leave to get my new 4wt Pflueger Trion reel spooled with some line at the fly shop. I will learn one day to not give up my fishing hole as within about 5-10 minutes of me giving it up Jerre landed a football rainbow that was 14" long, 8.5" diameter, and weighed 1.73 lbs. It was Jerre's largest rainbow and matched the two large trout I had caught earlier this year. With the constant generation the past few months, it seems to have really fattened up the fish. Especially the hold overs that have migrated to areas that not many people fish.

The pictures are limited in number but the first one is of two of my friends trying to catch some fish in the area I had vacated/ The second one is Jerre with that beautiful rainbow. By the way, the fish was released unharmed after some photos were taken.

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  1. Hi Scott
    Glad to find your blog. I too fish the Sipsey below the dam. I am glad to see you guys have caught some nice bows. I agree the heavy generation has helped to produce some quality fish. I fish the Caney Fork in Tennessee, but just like the Sipsey there have been constant generation, there which has kept the fishing to a minimum. I have caught some of my best fish on of both tailraces in the summer. The generation is less, and if you can fish during the week it is best. I am into the bream fishing at the moment and hope to be back on the stream soon. Hope you will take a look at my blog. I cover warm and cold water species. I am looking forward to reading more of your post.